"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Called Out

This commercial came on last night when I was watching TV, and I started bitching to Dan about how terrible these ads are for sending the message that girls should aspire to be lifeless mannequins:

But then Dan reminded me that I was in the middle of watching America's Next Top Model, which pretty much has the exact same premise. Sigh.


Unapologetically Mundane said...

I can't believe you were woman enough to admit that here.

Candace Austin said...

You actually can still watch that show... i stopped into the 2nd season got too pretentious and plastic for me...
Anyhoo it's good when we can have a clear introspection about our lives.

Tracey said...

Yeah, yeah. I'm happy to admit I watch Top Model. Especially since I don't believe in guilty pleasures.

Although, maybe people will read that and think I was just watching the show in order to analyze it from a feminist standpoint.