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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Problem with Using Female Orgasms to Sell Condoms

Via AdFreak, I just saw this (not safe for work) Durex condom ad from China which consists entirely of orgasm noises:

But the problem with using female orgasm noises to sell condoms is the fact that a great deal (possibly even the majority) of women do not achieve orgasms from activities (i.e. penis-in-vagina intercourse) that involve condoms. Some do, sure. And maybe a great deal many others make similar pleasure-evoking noises during intercourse even if what they're feeling isn't exactly an orgasm. But somehow, I feel like this ad perpetuates the myth that this one over-valorized sexual act is THE (one and only) way to pleasure a woman. Or that it contributes to the idea that the act that is generally considered the most pleasurable for men drives all women absolutely bonkers with orgasms, reinforcing this idea that it's the only thing anyone ever needs to do.

Or maybe I just dislike the ad for the way it takes the sounds of women's pleasure and uses them to communicate to men: "See what you can make women DO if you use our product?" Depictions of women experiencing sexual pleasure are rather hard to come by in the media, and I'm amazed by how this ad was able to take something that could have been progressive and manage to make men the actors and women the objects of their action.


Anonymous said...

Some guys already don't get the point. An ad saying that it's okay that they don't isn't helping anyone.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

Can't watch this. Too grossed out by other people's orgasm sounds.

In other news, I'm watching the National Geographic "Taboo" show on prostitution. The girls in high-end brothels in Australia say they're judged more because they choose to do it, unlike women in other countries who are forced into it. Still, it totally makes me want to be an escort.