"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Feministing: AP nominates two horses for "Female Athlete of the Year"

The Hathor Legacy: Gendered Holiday Expectations?

Jezebel: Your Boyfriend Sucks: The Worst Fictional Dudes of the Decade

f-bomb: The Prince is Safe Now

Racism Review: "The Blind Side": Sandra Bullock, White Women & Racism


Unapologetically Mundane said...

The horse thing made even me gasp.

In my head, you know. Because I'm in public. I wouldn't have admitted that if you weren't sitting across from me, though.

Bachelor Girl said...

The Jezebel one just about made me pee my pants. Forwarding to every female in my email address book.

Tracey said...

Unapologetically Mundane: Yep. Sooo offensive. You know I would have accused you of not gasping, too.

Bachelor Girl: I know, right?! Those Jezebel folks are so clever.