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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aprons and Toolbelts

Apparently, the people we bought just bought our house from were the Mail-Order Catalog Queen and King of Central Ohio, because our mailbox is stuffed with them daily, giving us the opportunity to peruse them and consider purchasing everything from American Girl dolls, to fruit baskets, to hunting gear. Yesterday's catalog came from a company called epersonalizedgifts, and flipping through the "gifts for kids" section, I noticed all sorts of crap like this:


See what they did there? Clever trick. It's pretty much the exact same product, sold at the exact same price, only the pink version (the one with the girl's name stitched on it) is a "crayon apron" and the bright blue and red version (intended for boys) is a "crayon tool belt".

Seriously, people? Is this really necessary? Will it really damage a little boy that much to call his little crayon apron an apron? Does a little girl really require hers to be pink and have some ruching?

I call bullshit.

And another thing, catalog! If you're going to market a diaper bag to a male parent, you don't need to call him "Mr. Mom", implying that there's something inherently mother-(i.e. woman)-ly about carrying one. You can call him Dad.


Sandy said...

Do you get the LTD book? Half of that catalog is crap like this, like storage bins in either pastels or primaries. They don't come right out and SAY one for girls, one for boys, but come on.

Dolly said...

They have the same thing in Oriental Trading magazines. You can get party kits for girls and boys. The boys always have little plastic dinosaurs or party horns with sports equipment decorated on them. The girls, of course, get fake pearls and sparkly unicorns. Sometimes, it's pretty pathetic how important gender dichotomy is in our world...

Correction: It's ALWAYS pathetic...

Emy Augustus said...

good call(s).

Unapologetically Mundane said...

Oh, interesting. See how you did that thing there to include men in your rant so they can't call you a men-hating vagina or whatever it is men call you? That's good.

Unknown said...

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