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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vintage Ad of the Day

Perfect for when your culture makes you wear restrictive dresses and deems it inappropriate for you to ever open your legs!


Text reads:

for making seats that let you step out like a lady!

What a relief to step out, instead of having to crawl out, of your car. No more hiked up skirts. No more popping runs. The '59 De Soto's new Sports Swivel Seats let anyone -- tall or short -- slip in and out in one easy motion.

Being a woman, you'll appreciate De Soto interiors, too. They're as smartly styled as your own living room. And everyone will like De Soto's magnificent ride... roominess... and power. See the fashion leader of the year at your De Soto dealer's today. Try the new swivel seats yourself!


Bachelor Girl said...

The sexism is gross, but I have to admit swiveling car seats are kind of neat.

WHAT. I like swivel chairs!

Tracey said...

Yeah, you know, I agree. I don't think the seats are such a bad idea, and I actually thought they would be great for certain disabled folks who need just a little help getting out of the car. I wonder why this idea never caught on.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

I saw "pooping runs" at first. Too bad.

Funny how these would be WAY more useful today. We don't have as many restrictive dresses, but we sure do have short skirts. Although I suppose Paris and the like are looking for excuses to expose themselves.

Winona said...

I've seen too many photos of various female celebrities who refuse to wear underpants and also who refuse to know how to "step out like a lady." I think this is a brilliant idea, actually.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you aren't a "LADY" you can always bitch about the sexism!!!