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Monday, October 5, 2009

Who takes a charter bus to a casino, anyway?

Since Ohio voters are about to decide whether or not to allow casinos into our state, I keep seeing this commercial, which uses some interesting maneuvers to try to make casinos seem less scary to folks who don't want that nasty gambling riff-raff around their homes and families:

The subtext: See?! Friendly, college-educated white women like to go to casinos! Casinos are friendly and fun for all! Whee!


plumpdumpling said...

This whole post is funny to me, because:

a) Someone gave me passes for two free overnight stays at the Harrah's in Atlantic City the other day, and I'm seriously considering how I can use them.

b) What ELSE would I take to get to the casino? It's not like I have a car.

c) The ads for NJ and NY casinos here are vaaaaaaastly different from that one. They show close-ups of really sexy women to make the casinos seem exotic and alluring. No one wants to gamble with friendly fat women, after all.

Tracey said...

Yeah, I imagine that if the issue passes and Ohio actually gets its casinos, the ads will suddenly change to sexy closeups and whatnot. But anything like that, and the conservatives would be even more up in arms to make sure it fails.

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