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Friday, October 2, 2009

Vintage Ad of the Day


Text reads:
"You're a Dear, Thoughtful Husband!-

"You're always seeking some way to make my work lighter and easier. And this Rid-Jid Ironing Table will help wonderfully. I've wanted one for months. It not only makes my Christmas happy but my ironing will never be a task any more.

"And it's so strong, and so convenient. It can't creep or crawl, and never has to be lifted to put on and take off circular garments."


plumpdumpling said...

This is just like all those years you got your dad power tools for Christmas so he could build you Barbie playhouses.

Bachelor Girl said...

When I first looked at the ad, I couldn't tell what they're sitting on. All I saw was "RID-JID."

And I was all like, "AWESOME! Vintage PORN!"