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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vintage Ad of the Day


Text reads:
Vibra-Bra: the bra that helps make it possible to go without one!

Very few women are lucky enough to have the firm, perfect figure. And today's fashions call for no bra. (In some cases no tops.)

The women of Europe discovered the answer with the Vibra-Bra Method. And now it's available to the women of America. Developed in Switzerland, manufactured in the United States to fine American technical standards, Vibra-Bra is an electric vibrator for the bust that with its unique program, gives strength and vitality to weak and frail breasts. It firms and tones. Aids circulation and tightens loose muscles. Vibrating action eases tension, relaxes and smooths.

Totally safe, tested and approved by leading authorities. Just put it on and relax. Read, sew, watch television because you can wear it anywhere. It works on one absolutely safe battery.

Daily treatments using the Vibra-Bra program will bring new elasticity to tired tissues and flaccid ligaments which support the bust. Helping you to regain (or retain) youthful fitness and fullness. You may never have to wear a bra again.

Vita-Bra guaranteed for one year against any defects of manufacture or materials.

Send the coupon below with your check for only $9.95. And get in shape for the no-bra look.


Jender said...


plumpdumpling said...

This seems totally counter-intuitive to me. I mean, I know those workout machines with the vibrating straps never worked for anyone, but it seems like this would break down the tissue and loosen the fat cells. Or something.

Tracey said...

My guess is that it just did nothing at all. I wonder how much money was made off of worthless products like it, though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "stimulation" was pleasant, etc, etc.