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Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Movie Fail


Pardon all the Gilmore Girls references, but what the hell is happening to Rory's former boyfriends?! First, I find out that Jess is playing a character named "Rick Rape" in this nonsense, and now, Logan has taken on the role of Tucker Max in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell:

Seriously, what gives? At least Dean is starring in good, wholesome entertainment. It's no wonder my mom always liked him best.


Other reactions to this horrible excuse for a film:
Shakesville: Wow
Tiger Beatdown: What's Your Tucker Max Personality Type?

And for some local interest for central Ohio readers, read all about the protest against Tucker Max's appearance at The Ohio State University that went down this past spring:
The Lantern: Dozens of students protest Tucker Max


Dolly said...

Ugh, I'm trying to be inspired by that Ohio State University story, but when I read how many students actually attended the performance, I was just deeply frustrated. The fact that guys like this can have a podium in this society just revolts me. But, what do I know--I'm just a humorless ladybrain?

Kelly said...

OK, I'm going to try my best to comment about the Tucker Max film without just losing my shit all over the place.

I will probably fail spectacularly.

I hate Tucker Max. I hate him more than I hate Ann Coulter. At least Ann Coulter THINKS she's benefiting humanity in some way, wrong though she may be. Tucker Max REVELS in the fact that he's a no-good, filthy-minded, misogynistic, fake-tanned, alcoholic, crude, coarse, frat boy-douchebag waste of DNA. The fact that his blog was (is?) as popular as it was and that he got a MOVIE MADE of HIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A LIFE AND PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY PAYING MONEY TO SEE IT AND EAT GREASY POPCORN AND SLURP ARTIFICIALLY-SWEETENED CHEMICALS IN FRONT OF IT makes me seriously question whether or not there's a God.


Tracey said...

Dolly: Yeah, the sheer number of followers is mind-numbing. And I'm especially sick of hearing all about how the existence of female fans must mean he can't be a disgusting misogynist.

I don't think the Lantern article goes into much detail to explain this, but Max's appearance was so much more infuriating since it was paid for by a fee that is required of all students, while meanwhile, OSU has no funding in place to cover or reimburse fees for rape kits for students who have been assaulted. So, Max's invitation to speak ended up sending the message that the University can revictimize rape survivors, yet force the students to fund the public appearance of an admitted rapist. Which is incredibly not cool.

Tracey said...

Kelly: I'm sorry my blogging causes you so much distress! I'll have to hunt up some positive stories to ease the pain.