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Monday, August 3, 2009

I may avoid going to the movies just so I don't have to sit through this trailer again:

Okay, so I generally like Kyra Sedgewick, Michael C. Hall, and Milo Ventimiglia, but this movie looks like such a huge, horrible, steaming pile of indulgent mindlessness:

If you're not already sufficiently repulsed, IMDb reveals that Ventimiglia's character is named "Rick Rape".


plumpdumpling said...

I sort of get the feeling I would've loved seeing that preview on the big screen. Marilyn Manson and Ludacris? My favourite combination.

Do you think I still think MM is so cool just because they told me over and over again not to as a teenager?

Anonymous said...

Rick Rape could be associated with the gaming word "rape" when a character gets brutally killed by another player or a monster. It's not a word I am fond of using in video game lingo, but it's one I hear a lot when reading about and playing video games.

Tracey said...

plumpdumpling: I thought "Sweet Dreams" was maybe the only redeeming factor in the trailer, but I was also a little put out that the song is being used in such a crappy way.

And I don't know. I think all the hype over MM made it so that no one noticed that some of his songs were actually really good.

Digital Freya: It's entirely possible that the use of "Rape" in the name isn't referring to actual rape, but I would have to say that the use of the word to describe something else is pretty problematic and insulting to survivors.

Megan said...

"Rape"? Ugh. Thanks, Hollywood, thank you SO MUCH for reinforcing sexual violence as a laudable interest for an audience of teenaged boys.

Arkham said...

I'm really hyped for this flick. The directors/screenwriters of Crank, Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall in a cyberpunk setting. I hope it's as good as Crank was.

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