"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling the Illinoise

I'll be off to Chicago to visit the in-laws through next week, so expect no blogging until next Thursday at the earliest. To fill the void in the meantime, you should be visiting my best friend Katie's blogs (here, here, and here) and clicking on ALL of her pages and ads in order to thank her for surprising me with (drumroll):


Best. Unbirthday present. Ever.

You don't have to update any bookmarks or feeds just yet, since the "unapologeticallyfemale.blogspot.com" address redirects to the new one. I'll let you know if I ever overcome my laziness and make the big switch.


plumpdumpling said...


It's embarrassing, though, to see my blogs written out like that. Especially since that's not all of them. Why am I crazy?

Kelly said...

1. I want to BE Katie Ett, basically.

2. Whaddya mean, that's not all of them?! You mean I'm missing opportunities to read Katie's goings-on?!

Why am *I* crazy?

Winona said...

Very nice! Enjoy the wonders of Chicagoland while you're here!

donuts4dinner.com - not only do I have to check that out, it reminds me of an exchange from last week between my almost-3-year-old daughter and me:

Scene: BP gas station, filling up on way home from work. Megan gets out to help me push the regular unleaded button and to tear out the receipt.
While gas is pumping:
Megan: (points to convenience store) When we're done, Mommy, we can go in there!
Me: No, we don't need anything.
Megan: But they have donuts!
Me: Honey, we're headed home to have dinner.
Megan: We can have donuts for dinner...