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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Move Over, Real Housewives


Meet the Househusbands of Hollywood:
Fox Reality Channel tosses convention out the window with its groundbreaking new, one-hour, 10-episode original series, Househusbands of Hollywood, premiering Saturday, August 15th at 9p/8c. Cooking, cleaning, child rearing and the dynamics between real couples has never been this entertaining.

Five Hollywood men defy traditional marital roles by staying home to run the household while their wives head to work. It’s a new family arrangement. Fox Reality Channel follows these men as they struggle to juggle day-to-day household duties while managing their egos.
What's interesting to me is that, despite the cultural perception that housewives (especially wealthy celebrity housewives) have it easy and do nothing but shop and socialize, it seems that this show is going to focus on ways these househusbands have it rough. You know, because housework and childcare must be such drudgery for men with fragile egos! How will they ever manage the psychological damage of doing degrading women's work?

Some of the marketing imagery on the show's website is even more intriguing. Take, for example, their "Househusband Survival Kit", which attempts to masculinize housework by associating it with shooting guns, driving sports cars, and playing Mr. Fix-It:




So, what do you think? Even despite the spotlight on "role reversals", is there any chance this show won't be a steaming pile of sexism? Does anyone even get the Fox Reality channel?


Emy Augustus said...

hahhah. looks stoopid. why i don't watch tv. XD

RMJ said...

Heteronormativity masking as subversion. It's FOX - what else can you expect?

plumpdumpling said...


I'm sure you're right about the spin they'll put on it. I was so pleased when a male co-worker told me the other day that his wife went away for the weekend with one of the kids, and when he was left home to take care of the other three, he realized how rough she has it. But I like that the Real Housewives of [whatever city] don't actually do any house work. It's ridiculous to hire a nanny and a governess for your two kids when you're a stay-at-home mom, but it makes for good TV. Much better than a bunch of men doing the dishes, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It looks hilarious. I want a househusband.

Tracey said...

Yeah, Katie, this Fox Reality is totally you're dream channel. Check out this lineup of shows: http://www.foxreality.com/show_list.php

Yeah, I don't think people would like the Real Housewives shows as much as they do if they actually did housework, and I think it's funny that this show sounds like it's going to make the husbands do it, even though they probably actually hire people for it.

plumpdumpling said...

If ever there was a reason to have a DVR, that channel is it.

Anonymous said...

So men cant enjoy their wives money...they have to actually do something...unlike the housewives of...who just shop, bitch, and try to look good.

You cant compare how many choices there are for women when it comes to expressing their femininity. For men their is only a narrow brand of masculinity. Anything else is ghey. To be a househusband, keep your wife happy, be respected as a man, and take care of the house has got to be one of the hardest tasks out there.

How many men would lose their wives respect? attraction to them? a divorce, etc? ...How many would lose the ability to contribute to half of the decision making?

Too keep your masculinity with the playground of househusbandry (assuming no maids and its middle class) should be worth an ounce of interest if men are going to have the CHOICE that women ALREADY have....to stay at home with respect.

As for Heteronormaty...how many ladies truly want a girl-man? ... Thats what I thought.