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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Stuff White People Do: only care about "gang violence" when it hits white people
So this becomes a story about the shocking invasion of supposedly safe suburbia. But again, this isn't just a story about people in general who've arrived at a cozy rung on the American class ladder, is it? It's really about white people who've done that; it's a safe bet that if non-white people who've done that were to lose a son in the exact same way, Good Morning America would not be in their spacious kitchen interviewing them.

To illustrate that the story being told here is also about race, that it's really all about race, imagine if a black child of black parents in that same neighborhood had been killed in this same way.

Would his story be covered by Good Morning America like this? I doubt it.

Would it even be covered at all by Good Morning America? I doubt that too.

Never mind asking if Good Morning America would cover an inner-city black or Hispanic or Asian American child's violent death with this same wide-eyed concern, and this same heart-tugging music. We know that'll never happen (though I do hope that someone will provide a link to a GMA video-clip that proves me wrong).

I am sooo glad macon d wrote about this. I never watch Good Morning America, but I DVRed and watched it on Monday to try to catch the segment with Marianne Kirby from The Rotund (which ended up getting bumped to as yet unspecified date), and I ended up seeing this instead. A totally tragic story, to be sure, but the way GMA frames it says a whole lot about how we think about race and class in America. Go read the whole thing.


plumpdumpling said...

Other stuff white people do: not read articles that don't build up white people.

Okay, okay, I'll go read it.

Tracey said...

Good girl.