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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Antifeminist Childhood: "Get in Shape Girl" Edition

Okay, so I have to admit that I totally forgot this even existed until I was reminded by this Feministing post:

And now I'm flooded with memories of my weights, ballet bar, sweat band, legwarmers, and cheesy narrated cassette tapes. I'm pretty sure I played dress-up with the accessories and never actually worked out. But the ballet bar really came in handy when my brother and I wanted to play "see how far we can smack the kickball with the ballet bar" in the backyard.


plumpdumpling said...

Man, I always sucked at baton-twirling and hula-hooping. But weren't you a tappin', twirlin' fiend?

It seems like you should've turned out differently, while I make perfect sense.

Tracey said...

I was all about the tap and twirl, but I also couldn't do a cartwheel to save my life. So maybe it was meant to be.

TVille said...

Gawd. I had forgotten all about this. I'm especially astounded that my sister and I played with it given that my parents did a damn good job of eliminating girls must = thin to be good people from our worlds.

I didn't watch the clip, but as soon as I saw "Get in shape girl" I heard the jingle in my head...amazing.