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Friday, September 5, 2008

Hopefully Back in the Swing

So, I never really found the time to blog while I was in LA, although I did spend some time formulating a post in my head about how many more ads there are out there for plastic surgery than there are here in the Midwest, and how much I think those "before and after" images (along with all the strangely too-beautiful people) started to seep into my subconscious mind and make me feel worse and worse about myself as the week went on. And I was only there for a week!

It totally creeps me out how if something has enough advertising, it's easy to completely normalize it. It's easy to think of "aesthetic foot", eyelid, and vaginal tightening surgeries as completely ridiculous when you've only heard of them in passing, but when there are ads for them on every other page of LA Weekly, TV commercials for chin lifts and liposuction during every break, and giant billboards with photos of nice-looking and trustworthy cosmetic surgeons and their phone numbers, it suddenly seems as run of the mill as going to the dentist.

While we were there, Dan kept saying things about how great the weather was and how beautiful it was and how much he would like to move there. And while I agreed with him about the weather and the novelty of palm trees, I was also secretly ready to go home to Ohio and be free of those superficial influences (well, a little more free, anyway).

I've been back for almost a week, but now that I'm not chained to my computer for eight hours a day like I was at my old job, I haven't felt as motivated to read other blogs or write about much. My feed-reader is bursting with thousands of posts I haven't gotten around to reading -- posts about Biden and Palin and conventions and change and choice and all sorts of news I've missed over the last couple of weeks -- and I have this mental block that makes me feel like I can't post until I'm caught up on all that reading. We'll see what the next few weeks bring as far as posting while I'm starting classes and whatnot. It might be a weird time for the blog while I figure out a new routine.

In the meantime, I'll just post this awesome cartoon I spotted on the blog Beyond Feminism:


MaryTracy, you said it.


Anonymous said...

I said it? Oh, that's right, I did! :P

"if something has enough advertising, it's easy to completely normalize it." And now YOU have said it :D

Anonymous said...

MaryTracy? Hehehehe.