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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bechdel Test Movie List

I'm putting together a mini-lesson on The Bechdel Test, I and stumbled on this awesome site I wanted to share: The Bechdel Test Movie List.

It lists tons of movies, each with an icon indicating which -- if any -- steps of the test it passes. You can submit films to add to the list, and for folks like me who can never be trusted to remember and re-visit a site, it has a feed!

In related news, NPR just did a segment on The Bechdel Test at the beginning of this month.

Click here to see the original Bechdel Test comic.


habladora said...

Wow, I've been curious about the Bechdel Test (which I used to call the Mo Movie Measure until I was corrected by a reader) forever. I can't wait to read your longer post, and hear what NPR has to say.

Amber Leab said...

Thanks for posting this. It seems like a bunch of posts about Bechdel popped up at the same time around the web. We've started a weekly "Ripley's Pick" at Bitch Flicks, and I'd be interested in cross-posting your Bechdel lesson when you complete it.

I hope grad school is going well for you. I finished my MA in '06, and still flirt with returning for a PhD. I think I still need time away, though. ; )

Tracey said...

Well, when I said it was a mini-lesson, I really meant it. Like five minutes max. I taught it a while ago for a teacher workshop, and all I did was pass out the original comic, define the Bechdel Test, and have the students list some movies they could think of that passed the test and discuss how difficult it actually is to think of many.
Sorry it isn't anything more than that. I can see how a teacher could spend lots more time on it, but it was just a short demonstration.