"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sandra Valls

Cinequeer just introduced me to an awesome female comic I had never heard of before. Sandra Valls is an outspoken Latina, unapologetically lesbian, and hilarious. I'm posting the video especially for this joke:

"The straight girls wear 'fuck me' shoes. The lesbos wear 'fuck you shoes'."


Veronica said...

Funny, but I still don't like the whole "tits" theme, even coming from a woman.

thanks for commenting on my blog!

Tracey said...

You know, I struggled a little with that part, too, but as soon as she said, "you shouldn't have worn that shirt," I thought it was really interesting and subversive how she turned the tables by displaying chauvanism toward a man. I felt bad for the guy getting called out and found it a little unfair to him, but I think she really made a point about sexism in a different way.

sandra valls said...

this is sandra valls...first off...thanks so much for posting this up. Secondly, will you ladies just relax? It's comedy for pete's sake! yes that woman did have great tits and if she didn't want to show off her amazing breasts she would not have worn such a tight almost see through shirt. I was not displaying chauvanism toward a man. I was taking on the voice of a chauvanist man toward a woman and joking about it. And if you don't want to get picked on in comedy, don't ever sit in the front. Ladies...relax. be happy a female,lesbian, latina comic is performing mainstream....and laugh and relax. geez..

sandra valls said...

This is sandra valls...everyone relax...it's just comedy. Be happy that there are female, lesbian,latina comics appearing in mainstream media and ....laugh and relax! and yeah...that woman had great looking tits! If she didn't want to show them off,she would be wearing such a tight almost see through tshirt. I don't want people looking at my breasts...hence the clothes I wear. just relax!