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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Feminist Sex-Ed: Women Get Erections, Too!

Susie Bright, the amazing feminist writer and sex educator, has a post up today at her blog that I just had to share:

The Internal Clitoris— What a Woman's Cock Really Looks Like

If you told a man that his "penis" was nothing more than the head of his cock— his "glans"— he would laugh in your face.

If he pitied you, he might tell you that there was an important aspect to the penis called the shaft, also the frenulum, and perhaps a foreskin. His scrotum and balls are part of the essential package as well.

Women's anatomy education, on the other hand, has been a giant exercise in vacancy. Until recent times, we've been schooled that the clitoris— the female analog to the penis— is nothing more than the small glans one can see on the outside of the vulva.

Start laughing.

Women have a big, big, clitoral body— but it's nearly all on the inside, instead of the outdoor plumbing that's viewed so easily on men.
Go check it out. The post includes this video, which is probably NOT safe for work, although it should be. (I watched it at work. So there.)

The part where the artist draws a big ol' heart-shaped outer labia over the whole thing in red marker? LOVE.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

I loved it...absolutely fascinating, there is so much about the female anatomy we don't know because it was never deemed important enough to study.