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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"A Disgrace to the Man Race"

If it seems like I only post about offensive commercials lately, it's because there are just too many to ignore. Like this one I just saw on Queers United:

Ummm, yeah. Shaming a man for exhibiting "feminine" behavior (according to Mr. T., anyway) wasn't enough, apparently. They actually had to have hyper-masculine Mr. T. assault him with a machine gun followed by the tagline, "Get Some Nuts" in order to get their point across. What we have here is a depiction of an overt hate crime in order to sell candy bars.

Putting Mr. T. behind the gun doesn't make it funny, and neither does making it shoot Snickers instead of bullets. It's not funny. It's homophobic and misogynistic.

It's a disgrace.

Go here to tell Snickers what you think of their new campaign, and click here to e-mail the ad agency that produced it.

UPDATE: I'm late in adding this, but it seems that Snickers has pulled the ad due to complaints. My cheesy-pun-lovin' boyfriend sent this link to me with the tagline, "No one SNICKERed." Ha! Get it?!


Jeff Fecke said...

Epic fail.

Queers United said...

thanks for reposting, the link with the emails is sending me to an error blogger page though.

Tracey said...

QU: Thanks for letting me know about the link. It should be working fine now.

John said...

Stick to Mars bars. Get a life.

Mr. T Supporter said...

C'mon. When did everyone get so sensitive? I laughed the whole time. And as to "SNICKERed", not funny.

Jermzy said...

I think it was less about the guy acting feminine and more about speedwalking- speedwalkers by definition look uterrly ridiculous.

Seriously I'm gay myself and I thought it was hilarious (I greatly dislike people connecting anti-effeminacy with homophobia, there was no reason to believe the guy was gay).

Also mysogynistic is a bit of a jump considering that feminine behaviour is only considered inferior in MEN.