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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Exciting DVD Release of the Week:


I'm not usually a buy-it-the-day-it-comes-out kinda of girl, but this movie made me cry BOTH times I saw it in the theater. The only disappointing thing is the relative lack of special features. I was looking forward to commentary and full versions of "sweded" films. Maybe in a later edition.


Anonymous said...

No, the only disappointing thing is that it was only half of a Gondry film. I felt like he went overboard on the fantasy with "Science of Sleep" and no one really liked it, so this time he went overboard with the story and forgot about the fantasy. But, you know, I cried, too.

Tracey said...

Yeah, I could have handled SO much more Gondry in it, but I think it was definitely in there even if it was a little more hidden. Little details like using the fan on the camera to make the movie look old and having people coming out of the piano playing their giant instruments totally made the movie. (That and your REAL LIFE BEST FRIEND, Mos Def.)

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to see this. I'll definitely add it to my netflix now!