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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Amusing Conservative Strategy #4073

Catholic.net is really super proud of its daily comic, Umbert the Unborn, in which a talking cartoon fetus tells us why we should all be "pro-life". And I suppose they have every right to take pride in their little creation. Umbert is pretty exceptional. For an isolated embryo floating in amniotic fluid, he is extremely agile, highly lingual, and incredibly communicative. And he looks very mature for his age. Why, if it wasn't for his poorly drawn umbilical cord (which seems to be attached to nothing, least of all a woman), you would never even guess him to be unborn.

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Wow. This cartoon is, like, totally effective. If I ever become a victim of an unwanted pregnancy and find myself tempted to exercise my right to terminate it, I will be forced to imagine that the zygote that has implanted in my uterus is actually a pudgy intellectual cartoon toddler who can sing and dance and talk on a little uterine cell phone to his unborn friends who reside in other wombs. (I'm not even joking. He really does this. And naturally, the female fetus has a bow on her head.) What a relief to know the truth. Thanks, pro-lifers!


Rainbow Girl said...

The umbilical cord is attached to "nothing"; your reproductive freedoms!

That guy said...

Aren't cartoons supposed to be funny or something?

Cara said...

I should really be able to think of something else to say. But I'm just too angry. UGH.

Anonymous said...

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