"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Getting the Word Out

Maybe this will help:


As announced, this page will host the April 28, 2007 Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm in support of the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at all times, day and night, without fear of harassment, intimidation, sexual harassment, online stalking and slander, predation or violence of any sort. This page will be modified without notice during the next several weeks to accommodate the incoming structure and content for this Blogswarm.

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Anonymous said...

Tracey, thanks very much for your link and support! Bruce/Crablaw

Tracey said...

No, thank YOU for hosting this blogswarm. I'm leaving comments on the blogs that I find are discussing the terrible harrassment of blogger Delicious Diva(http://deviousdiva.com/). Hopefully you'll be hearing from a lot of folks on the 28th!