"There is difference and there is power. And who holds the power decides the meaning of the difference." --June Jordan

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Freedom to Marry Week: www.freedomtomarry.org

"If we are not absolutely insistent, unflinching, strident about lifting the ban on same-sex marriage, then we might as well forfeit the Constitution, cross out all the Amendments, knock down the Statue of Liberty (it was a gift from France, anyway - those peace lovers: who needs 'em?), reverse Roe v. Wade, pretend Stonewall never happened, reinstate Prohibition, deny women the vote, derail the Underground Railroad, bring back slavery, retrieve all the tea bags from Boston Harbor (actually, let them steep - gay marriage is still legal in Massachusetts, for now), give Patrick Henry death instead of liberty (he's fucking dead now, anyway), knock Paul Revere off his horse, realize that George Washington lied, albeit posthumously (besides, all those dudes had slaves anyway), get back on the Mayflower and go back to England. The only problem would be, trying to bring the Native Americans back to life and restore their nations that we so cavalierly destroyed in our own pursuit of religious 'freedom.'
"Without the reality of same-sex marriage, there is no freedom. This is not an argument about homosexuality, or God, or what is in the Bible, or what your moral value system is or what you feel is ethical. It is a no-argument zone. No spins here, not in the least. It is about upholding the idea that America is the representation of freedom in the world. That to be an American is to be free. Unless we have same-sex marriage recognized and legalized by every state, then we are not free. We are hypocrites, for we are according freedoms to a certain group in our population while denying those same rights to others. It is discrimination, and that is that."
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-Margaret Cho, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight